Camella Homes – Building Houses and Dreams for Filipino Families

A house you can call your own, this is probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest dream, of most people. Nothing beats the satisfaction seeing the fruits of your hard work and labor in the four corners of a house that has been furnished from top to bottom with things and fixtures that are all of your own choosing. This is the reason why the homebuilders industry continues to cater to needs of families and individuals alike who want to fulfill their dreams of being a homeowner. One of the names that first come to mind when it comes to affordable housing is none other than Camella Homes.

Camella Homes is a subsidiary of Vista Land that has been specially made to offer low cost housing options and affordable communities to Philippines’ mid-market sector.

With almost four decades of being part of the country’s homebuilding industry, Camella Homes has managed to become more than just a mere company you can call if you are searching for a budget friendly house and lot for sale around the country. Right from the time of its inception, Camella Homes is proud to have been the builders of an immense selection of high quality and affordable house and lot projects all over the country that are nestled in communities boasting of exquisite themes and world class settings.

Dubbed as the country’s most trusted housing brand, the budget friendly house and lot projects that the company has handled through these years are the perfect representation and proof of the expertise of Vista Land when it comes to accessible locations, sustainable architecture, and space planning. Camella can be rooted as a home builder which dates back as far as the 70s, with the first ever development project being undertaken by the company’s founder, Manny B. Villar, Jr.

Camella Homes make up the residential component of the bigger development of Lifescapes Inc. and Vista Land, known as COMMUNICITY, a project which has been meant to integrate and expand all of its breakthrough development into a single master planned development. Similar to the rest of the residential projects spearheaded by Vista Land, Camella’s low cost house and lot projects have also been built to become self-sustaining, with each community being guaranteed accessible to educational establishments, commercial areas, transportation hubs, hospitals, shopping malls, and churches, all of which are important parts of the lives of every Filipino family.

Aside from the local and regional offices, Camella Homes has also broaden their reach through having offices located in other countries in the hopes of accommodating the needs of Overseas Filipino Workers who would like to turn their dream houses into reality. Camella is proud to have been the builder of more than 300,000 houses in 90 cities and municipalities in 35 provinces in the hopes of bringing 23 innovative community developments to the Filipino families which will make the experience of homeownership as the best thing that could ever happen to their lives.

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