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San Jose City is a fast-growing and an attractive city in Central Luzon. It is a 3rd class municipality situated in the northern part of Nueva Ecija province. It consists of 38 barangays. Most of its land is used for agricultural livelihood, and it is well known as the “Rice Bowl of the Philippines” and “City of the Golden Harvests.” Aside from rice production, San Jose City also produces onions, vegetables, and fruits. Currently, it is known as the leading producer of onions throughout the country. But, aside from agriculture-based livelihood, different business establishments are starting to increase their numbers at the heart of the city.

Every year on April, San Josenians celebrate Tanduyong Festival during the what we call “Pagibang Damara”. ‘Tanduyong’ means a variety of onion in the area. There are many activities during this time around the city. There are carnivals or “perya” and “baratilyo” where you can buy a lot of cheap stuff.

As for transportation, the primary vehicles we use inside the city are motorcycles and tricycles. For the students and people who work in other parts of Nueva Ecija, they ride jeepneys and bus. Baliwag is the main bus line which takes people going to Manila, Cabanatuan and much more. Travelling to Baguio, Pangasinan, and La Union, most people take a van or another bus line named, Lizardo. It depends on where the people are going up north.

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When it comes to education, San Jose consists of 18 private schools and 16 public schools both elementary, high school and college according to 2015 survey. There are also some tourist spots in San Jose City, one of which is

Tayabo Nature Park that is suitable for families who loves nature and animals. Another one is the Palasapas falls, and it is ideal for people who love water and discovering a new beauty in a new location.

If you enjoy city life, as of today, establishments are being developed within the city area. Businesses like fast food chain, hotels, and other big companies are entering San Jose because of its remarkable booming economy. Time will only tell when San Jose City will on par with other growing near cities like Cabanatuan, Pampanga, Baguio, and the like.

Well, that is some of the information about San Jose City, Nueva Ecija we know of today. But there’s a lot more to discover and enjoy in this city and its people. So come and see the beauty of this place. It could be an ideal home for you.

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